Tap into your inner client magnet. Using innovative branding and customer engagement techniques, you will attract and engage your ideal audience, and build a magnetic brand that articulates your value.


Acquire tested techniques and scripts to open, pitch, and close new clients – no hard sell here. Learn to charge what you’re worth and set your pricing using our proven formula to set course for stability and sustainability from the start.


Start small – don’t stay small. Empower your business to grow from day 1. Learn what scaling-up will entail for your unique business and how to advance from A to B and beyond, without getting overwhelmed or overworked.



Know thyself. Know thy business better. No blind leaps of faith here – you’ll learn solid, easily replicable methods to measure your progress, stay on track, know when to make changes, and keep your clients coming back.


ThrivingPractice is a unique workshop-format accelerator, designed to reduce uncertainty and risk in the entrepreneurial process, and create a fertile environment for solopreneur stability and success.


how to build a thriving practice

WHO IS ThrivingPractice RIGHT FOR?

checkmark24  You have a passion, expertise, or skill you can’t wait to share with the world.

checkmark24  You desire to create a business that you’d actually enjoy working in.

checkmark24  You’re ready to do the work – you just don’t know where to start.

checkmark24  You’re not discouraged by the mantra that “90% of all businesses fail”. You’re the 10%.

checkmark24  You’re willing to commit the time and effort needed to see your ambitions through.

checkmark24  You’re excited, nervous, driven, and passionate, and above all – you’re ready to roll.

Limited class size, a collaborative community of like-minded peers, and interactive workshop-format classes. ThrivingPractice opens September 2014.


ThrivingPractice is an execution-oriented learning experience, combining live online workshop training, mentorship, and group masterminding.







Week 1: Going Pro

All in. Forget all the antiquated anxiety-inducing goalsetting, listmaking, taskmastering “just-do-it” advice you’ve received. In week 1 you’ll throw all the spaghetti at the wall without shame. We’ll pick it apart, framework it, and align your business, personal, and financial goals to ensure nothing gets left by the wayside.

Week 2: Speaking in Tongues

Deep dive. Who is the customer? Yes, we jump right into it – because solopreneur, service-oriented business rely 100% on a steady client base. You’ll acquire working tools to gather target clients’ information and insights into how they think, behave, and live – so you can start speaking their language.

Week 3: Touchpointing

Oft overlooked are the many touchpoints that each of us already have as business owners. Most people think their website is their sole touchpoint. Good thing you’re not most people. We begin building your Business Model Roadmap by defining all the touchpoints you already have – and those you plan to incorporate.

Week 4: The Matrix

What’s business without a little competition? This week you’ll learn how to map the competitive landscape using a Brand Matrix – evaluating competitors based on price, service, audience and more – and place yourself within the matrix. When you know where you stand, it’s easier to guide others to you.

Week 5: Put Yourself On The Map

How will people find you? Every business has a unique Customer Discovery Process (CDP). You’ll work with a template to engineer your CDP, mapping where the uninformed customer is right now to where you want them to be – buying from you!

Week 6: Armed and Dangerous

Now that you’ve staked your claim in the market and mapped your CDP, it’s time to get real. This week you’ll learn about referral pitches, networking techniques (oh, yes), audience borrowing, and customer engagement methods every solopreneur needs to start sowing seeds that will bear fruit.

Week 7: Time is Money

You know what you’re selling, to whom, and why, but how much should you charge? Learn the step-by-step formula I used to stop underpricing, raising my my rates by 700% in less than 6 months. Using my proven Time MetaMastery™ technique, we’ll explore the direct relationship between time, price, and workflow and set prices that will sustain your business. We’ll identify what your business growth path will look like and address how to shift your time, pricing, and services to scale. We’ll also address your proclivity to go rooting in the fridge for a snack at 3:43pm each day.

Week 8: On the Pitch

Using all the information you’ve learned about your target customer so far, you’ll craft your open, your pitch, and your close. You’ll receive proven templates and scripts to open and close deals, and learn how to strike while the iron is hot. I’ll also teach you what the hell CRM means and why you don’t need it – and a crucial yet simple tactile system you can use instead.

Week 9: Do You Copy?

You’ve learned a whole lot about your customer, yourself, and your services by this point – in the penultimate class we pour all that understanding out on paper and craft branded, targeted marketing copy and content that will populate your site, and all online touchpoints. We’ll identify your Expertise Model and look at what a dynamic website for said model should look like and include.

Week 10: Your Web of Influence

Equipped with marketing copy, content strategy, and a custom-tailored business model – you’re ready to set up shop. Never made a website before? Not to worry. You’ll receive a website template worth over $5000 designed especially for your Expertise Model to get you started – and a crash course on how to tweak the details to make it yours. We’ll demystify plugins, popups, widgets, and whatzits and you’ll be Open for Business, officially.


Register today and your tuition will include 1 full year of Business Coaching – a value of $5976. The hardest year of business to navigate, this ongoing mentorship and coaching program will get you through all your Year One hurdles and questions and give you access to a regular, dedicated mastermind group for synergy, soundboarding, and support.

Also included is 1 full year of access to the LifeStylistPRO Freedom Toolkit – a value of $1397 – an ever-expanding vault of tested, time-saving professional tools – from seamlessly integrated apps to save you time and back office admin work, to how-to guides and hacks on everything you need to know about legal matters, email newsletters, tax audits and more. I have spent 100’s of hours searching for these tools, testing them, and in many cases speaking with their creators and designers on your behalf to understand their full functionality, ensuring they are the right fit for your solopreneur service-based business.

Over $7300 in bonus coaching and materials are included in your tuition when you register today.

Take your expertise to the next level – with planning, mastery, and a supportive community.


Business & Marketing Strategy

You’ll have a complete business model and marketing strategy to take your ideas forward – and you’ll know how to adjust and make changes as your business evolves.


Operational Mastery

You’ll gain a working understanding of your business operations and cash flow – including how to leverage and best utilize your most valuable asset – you.


Accountability & Support Network

You’ll make great strides with the support and accountability of your mastermind group peers – highly talented and like-minded individuals who you will stay in touch with long after completing the program.

Open For Business

You’ll build the necessary foundation to launch – and learn how to build and grow in increments. You’ll be Open For Business before the program is through.

ThrivingPractice entrepreneurs are people like you: creatives, consultants, coaches, CEO’s, and startup founders.

Aparna is a powerhouse! She led me through various exercises to get to the core of what my services provide for clients, sharing her expertise and tools along the way to guide the process. I’m answering questions I hadn’t even thought of before, so that I can create a compelling brand message for my business.

I’ve been asked how I got up to speed so quickly – before I had even finished my coaching certification – and ThrivingPractice™ is the answer. I am so much more prepared than I thought I would be this early into my business! As soon as I established myself as ‘open for business’ new and exciting opportunities started coming to me and I’m completely confident rising to the occasion. I was just recently approached to plan a weeklong leadership program for a CEO retreat,  and armed with ThrivingPractice™ principles, I took on the challenge without batting an eyelash! My productivity is going through the roof as I apply ThrivingPractice™ time mastery principles. I am so excited with my progress – so much, so fast! Thanks Aparna!

Syl Rochet

Executive Leadership Coach & Founder, The Insightful Executive

As a new entrepreneur, ThrivingPractice™ helped me create a strategy for my business, break down my larger vision into smaller piecemeal bites, and view it from a different lens to get the maximum benefit for my customers. Aparna’s help was and continues to be invaluable to me in the launch of my business!

Jessica Robinson

CEO & Founder, PurePoint International

Aparna helped me gain much insight into my offline-and-online coaching and media business and how I can monetize it better. I highly recommend ThrivingPractice™ to anyone interested in developing a strong brand online.

Lama Tantrapa

Qigong Master, Coach, Radio Host & Founder, Academy of Qi Dao

Aparna provides over the top care and advice! I told my husband that I leave each session feeling like my head will pop off; a good thing, as it’s the effect of being pushed to take myself as far as I can go. I can see we need to factor in the cost of my affording your business mentorship for the rest of my life… Thank you Aparna :)

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Artist, Author, Chief Creative and Founder, OPENstudio

ThrivingPractice IS IDEAL FOR



Personal Chefs



Spa Services

Dance Teachers






Event Planners



Pet Services

Cleaning Services

Real Esate Agents

Virtual Assistants

Rental Services

Concierge Services

Music Teachers

Yoga Instructors




Skilled Trades

Audio/Visual Services

Personal Assistants

Massage Therapists

Fitness Trainers

Space is limited. Apply today to reserve your seat – and secure exclusive business-building bonuses.


how to build a thriving practice

checkmark24 Weekly 2 hour live online workshop-style training with convenient night & weekend class times.

checkmark24Weekly live Q&A discussions. Discuss issues specific to your business, ask questions and mastermind with fellow students in realtime.

checkmark24Access to the private ThrivingPractice community. Ask questions, share success stories, brainstorm, and form lucrative, lasting connections with entrepreneurs like yourself.

checkmark24Audio recordings and slides from each class and Q&A session for your reference – and to keep your momentum going even if you miss a class.

checkmark24All class worksheets and materials yours to keep and refer back to as your business grows.

checkmark24 Limited class size of 7 entrepreneurs for maximum individualized attention and instruction.

checkmark24 Our 0% interest payment plan that grants you access to all the value upfront, so you can focus on your goals instead of the barriers that keep you from reaching them.


1 full year of Business Coaching – a value of $6000. The hardest year of business to navigate, this ongoing mentorship and coaching program will get you through all your Year One hurdles and questions and give you access to a regular, dedicated mastermind group for synergy and support.

1 Year Access to the LifeStylistNYC Freedom Toolkit – a value of $1397. An ever-expanding vault of battle-tested startup, online, and professional tools and resources. From seamlessly integrated apps that save you back office admin work, to how-to guides and hacks on everything you need to know about legal matters, email newsletters, tax audits and more, I have spent 100’s of hours searching for, testing and curating these tools so you don’t have to – and in many cases speaking with the creators and designers of these resources to understand their full functionality – to ensure they are the right fit for your solopreneur service-based business.


Fall 2014

Section 1

Sep 14 – Nov 17

Sun 10am – 12pm EST

Enrollment is Currently Closed

We look forward to whipping your business into shape in a future class of ThrivingPractice! Drop your email in the box to be notified when we are accepting new businesses.

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I have no business or marketing background – am I going to be completely lost?

ThrivingPractice is designed with you in mind. You do not need to know the latest lingo, or have any business or marketing experience to participate and reap the full extent of the training. In fact, you have an advantage over those who have preconceived notions about business.

I don’t have a business yet, I only have an idea. Is the course right for me?

This course is built to take you from idea to open-for-business, even if you have not invested time or energy into your idea yet.

I have a business already, I just need more clients. Is this right for me?

If you put the strategies and practices covered in this course to use and approach the material with an open mind, a willingness to put in the effort and try new things, and let your business evolve, you’re in the right place.

I want to get rich from my business.

If your only reason for going into business is to get rich quick, you’re in the wrong place. Here we Do The Work, and build our businesses with our two hands, heart, and brain – knowing that wealth will come as a result of work and time.

I want to start a business, but I don’t have an idea yet.

This course is designed to take ideas to market, from setup through launch. We recommend waiting til you have an idea. Join the waiting list at the end of this page to be notified when the accelerator reopens.

I’m going to be really busy this Fall – should I wait to take it later?

Do what feels right for you. With lifetime access to the class recordings and slides, and a year’s access to coaching calls and the toolkit, you can work your way through the material at your own pace and have support throughout the year. The course price and bonuses shown here are only available through September 9th, 2014.

See You Next Time

Enrollment is currently closed. Drop your email in the box below and get notified when we are accepting new businesses into the program.

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