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Small Businesses
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The LifeStylistNYC approach to marketing…

is human-to-human. From sole proprietor to small business to tech startup, we must never lose sight of the human being on the receiving end, no matter how many pixels lie between us. LifeStylistNYC’s unique 360° Customer Engagement strategies transcend entrenched “marketing musts” to create unique on- and offline solutions that start with the target consumer’s behavior. Using analytics to measure impact, foresight to plan for contingency, and iteration to quickly adapt to new insights and customer feedback, LifeStylistNYC is a Change Agent, helping your ideas manifest, evolve, and monetize—while keeping efforts and initiatives prioritized, organized, and synergistically moving towards your goals.


No two businesses are alike…

ergo no two solutions should be either. The strategy and materials we develop together are 100% authentic and unique to your business – built around your specific circumstances, aspirations, resources, and background. We leverage what you have, supplement what you don’t, and empower forward movement with holistic business solutions.

Optimized for startups & small businesses

LifeStylistNYC Consulting services are uniquely designed to work with small and microbusiness budgets and needs. Get started today by requesting a free consultation.

Our Mission

LifeStylistNYC is committed to closing the gap between passion and success through actionable strategy, mentorship, and execution-focused consulting. Principal Consultant & Founder Aparna Dasgupta pairs over a decade of on-the-ground experience with cutting edge principles of consumer psychology, resulting in a powerhouse technique that blends consulting, training, and mentorship to create sustainable results for solopreneurs and startup founders alike.

LifeStylistNYC helps you articulate, advocate, brand, and sell, so you can build a lifestyle of creative and financial freedom.

Founder’s Story

Visionary. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Aparna Dasgupta brings a decade of design, marketing, and brand management experience to her clients. Throughout her career she has been instrumental in dozens of product and brand launches, and grew a $10 million business into an $80 million brand portfolio. Having worked with such heavyweights as Vera Wang, DKNY, Anne Klein, Ellen Tracy, Jockey, and Cuddl Duds, Aparna is best known for her keen eye for brand and product positioning and her ability to distill complex processes and concepts into straight-forward actionable steps. dkny-vera-wang-jockey-ellen-tracy-anne-klein-dear-kate-logo-3

In tandem with her corporate career, Aparna cut her entrepreneurial teeth launching two businesses prior to LifeStylistNYC – her eponymous clothing line which recouped over 75% of startup investment in its first season – as well as a talent collective which served as a platform to promote emerging designers to potential customers. The collective produced shows drawing audiences of over 800 at top venues such as The Maritime Hotel’s Hiro Ballroom and The Gansevoort Hotel’s GSpa Lounge.

Drawing on experience and study of behavioral marketing and consumer psychology, she empowers and equips her clients with the tools, strategies – and most importantly – the underlying psychology to close the gap between ideas and success. Aparna advocates for creative and financial freedom for entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals alike and takes pleasure in beating the odds. Her rigorous and intuitive mentorship has helped countless professionals articulate their value, brand, and sell – scoring prime jobs, starting their own businesses, and growing their brand presence and bottom line.

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