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Closing the gap between IDEAS and SUCCESS.

As a new entrepreneur, Aparna helped me strategize about my business, break down my larger vision into smaller piecemeal bites, and view it from a different lens to get the maximum benefit for my customers. Aparna’s help was invaluable to me in the launch of my business.

J.R. - New York City, NY

Aparna is a priceless resource to consult professionally, creatively, and socially when it’s time to cut the crap and make progress. She’s a luminous creative, but she has a rare lens through which she can identify and eliminate the excess and BS from any situation.

M.L. - New York City, NY

Aparna helped me gain much insight into my offline-and-online publishing business and how I can monetize it better. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in developing a strong brand online.

L.T. - Portland, OR.

Aparna is a powerhouse! She led me through various exercises to get to the core of what my services provide for clients, sharing her expertise and tools along the way to guide the process. I’m answering questions I hadn’t even thought of before, so that I can create a compelling brand message for my business.

S.B. - New York City, NY

Aparna Dasgupta

Aparna Dasgupta

Marketing & Business Strategist

Aparna is dedicated to bringing people’s ideas to life and putting their passion on the path to success. Combining a decade of corporate experience with nearly as many years of entrepreneurial ventures, Aparna is a dedicated mentor to entrepreneurs and careerbuilders who dare to dream big. Aparna has an evergreen appetite for knowledge and believes in lifelong learning. She is Co-Leader of the NYC Lean In chapter’s Entrepreneur Circle. Read More

Closing the gap between PASSION and SUCCESS.

LifeStylistNYC Consulting

Serving Startups, Sole Proprietors, First Time Founders, Creative Professionals and Service-Oriented Businesses.

The LifeStylistNYC approach to marketing…

is human-to-human. From sole proprietor to small business to tech startup, we must never lose sight of the human being on the receiving end, no matter how many pixels lie between us. LifeStylistNYC’s unique 360° Customer Engagement strategies transcend entrenched “marketing musts” to create unique on- and offline solutions that start with the target consumer’s behavior. Using analytics to measure impact, foresight to plan for contingency, and iteration to quickly adapt to new insights and customer feedback,

LifeStylistNYC is a Change Agent, helping your ideas manifest, evolve, and monetize—while keeping efforts and initiatives prioritized, organized, and synergistically moving towards your goals.

No two businesses are alike…

ergo no two solutions should be either. The strategy and materials we develop together are 100% authentic and unique to your business – built around your specific circumstances, aspirations, resources, and background. We leverage what you have, supplement what you don’t, and empower forward movement with holistic business solutions.


Working with Aparna, I’m answering questions I never thought to ask before. I’m getting to the core of what my services provide for clients so that I can create a compelling message to attract them.

S.B. - Executive & Leadership Coach

LifeStylistNYC Consulting services are uniquely designed to work with small and microbusiness budgets and needs. Find out how we can co-create your business growth by requesting a free consultation today.

#ReachBack Through Mentorship

We support driven professionals & creatives at all stages of their careers through mentoring and workshops.

I was fed up with my job, earning way less than I should be, and had been considering resigning for years. I felt like I was trapped in a choice between something safe but depressing, and the absolute uncertainty of quitting. I felt passive, and I hated it. I knew I wanted to have more control over the situation, but I didn’t know how to go about the negotiation process. Working with Aparna gave me the tools, language, and most importantly, the confidence, to ask for what I really wanted. She provided an objective voice of reason and some much needed perspective, pushing me not to underestimate my value. Being a fairly non-confrontational person, the thought of negotiating was intimidating, but talking through what I wanted and having clear asks made the conversation infinitely easier, and put me in the driver’s seat. I finally felt in control. I negotiated a 12% raise – in non-profit, no less –  a promotion, and a new job description to go with it.  

I no longer feel like I’m stagnating and letting everything happen to me. I feel like I woke up, took action, and changed the situation for the better.  The ripple effects have been immediate. I am more proactive at work, knowing that I have the ability to push for projects that interest me and give my opinion. This really served as a catalyst for me, and I feel able to be more assertive in other areas of life as well. The real value of this type of mentorship is that it addresses more than just your crappy resume – it addresses the conditioning you’ve been fed your whole life, and reveals the invisible forces that make you doubt yourself. It forces you to take control, and that’s exactly what I needed.

M.S. - New York City, NY

Aparna helped me reformat both the look of my resume and how to build upon what I already had down, turning it into something that would show employers I am ready for the positions I am applying for – not just qualified to continue the ones I’ve already had. Which is, unfortunately, not a skill a lot of recent (or somewhat recent, in my case!) graduates possess, but something that easily sets one’s resume apart from hundreds.

It was refreshing to hear the conversation focused and personalized, not the usual vague generalizations that I was used to from career counselors or even friends and family. Aparna gave me insights into the perspective of future employers and was able to make presenting myself the way I wanted employers to see me and my potential less of a daunting task. Aparna was able to pick up exactly what I was trying to say and trim away everything unnecessary, reword, and reorganize until I was left with the framework for something I was proud of and a new perspective on my career and my goals.

Less than a month after posting my revised resume on various tech job boards, I got a call from a recruiter looking to fill a contract at Youtube! Aparna’s guidance helped me present myself as someone who had the skills and experience that employers would value – I got the job.

Two years later, after gaining experience in the position I was ready for a change and wanted to advance my career. I returned to Aparna for further advice and managed to secure a promotion and a raise! I will definitely consult her for future career moves.

O.V. - San Francisco, CA

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